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[POINT1: Elegant tone with a Western scent]

In order to pursue a more Western-like and rich sound, the A223WNC uses high-quality parts, such as the strings made of Reslow music wire and the hammer made of German felt hammer.

[POINT2: Design with attention to detail]

The A223WNC has a beautiful design that makes use of gentle curves from the legs and toe block to the pedals, making it easy to blend in with your interior.

[POINT3: Various ideas for long-term use]

Normally, pianos around 123 cm in size usually have 4 to 5 pillars, but the A223WNC has a luxurious 6 pillars, which increases the strength to ensure it stays in good condition for many years. We have secured it. The exterior paint is a mirror gloss hard coat specification. Because the transparent layer on the surface is sufficiently thick, it is resistant to scratches, and even if polishing scratches increase in the future, it can be restored to its beautiful appearance by polishing. The fallboard is equipped with a safety landing mechanism as standard, so you can use it with reliability even in environments where small children or the elderly are present.

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Our brand in Japan is APOLLO, but we change the brand name depending on the sales area and region. Please contact us for details.

External Finish
Natural walnut decorative board, mirror polished finish
Height: 123.5cm
Width: 153cm
Depth: 61cm
Weight approx: 222kg
88 keys (7 octaves 1/4)
3 pedals (with damping device)
German felt hammer
RÖSLAU Music Wire
Brass casters
Made in Japan
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