Brand concept

We at Apollo Piano sell high-quality and reliable commodities and products that cater to a wide range of customer requirements to the highest level in our role as a Japanese manufacturer of pianos. Thus are we able to contribute to the development of music culture and society.

The Apollo brand incorporates various concepts for each series, such as "An upright piano more like a grand piano than any other in the world" for the SSS Series, "A beautiful furnishing for graceful performances" for the Princess Series, and "Love given shape; all you want in a piano" for custom-made pianos.


  • Craftsmanship and Leading-Edge Technology

    Craftsmanship and Leading-Edge Technology

    The TOYO PIANO MFG. Co., LTD. was established in 1948 for the purpose of producing pianos that would be loved by the world.
    Over the course of the half-century since then, we have provided pianos bursting with craftsmanship and leading-edge technology in answer to the demands of the piano-loving public.
    We have also achieved the impossible with the leading-edge technology that we have continued to enhance through our unique production system in order to cater to the most finely tuned needs.
    And, the initiatives we have established do not end at the manufacture of pianos.
    We are also undertaking other initiatives, creating the ultimate environment, such as in halls, where musical artistry can blossom, as well as offering piano lessons and comprehensive systems that promote player proficiency.
    We are also involved in training piano tuners capable of taking music into the next era. And, our craftsmanship and leading-edge technology is helping us expand into new fields of business.We currently supply our own products as components of automobile interiors and for luxury homes, both of which require high-grade wood processing technology.
  • A glorious history of solid craftsmanship.

    A glorious history of solid craftsmanship.

    Only Toyo pianos incorporate the kind of techniques and feel for the instrument developed over half a century of piano manufacturing.
    Our corporate stance is grounded in manufacturing definitive products: a stance firmly taken on by our technicians.
    Our spirit of defending tradition and our high level of skill is tantamount to the first-class craftsmanship of Europe.
  • A production system for high quality manufacture that delivers full satisfaction.

    A production system for high quality manufacture that delivers full satisfaction.

    We manufacture consistently uniform pianos at our spacious factory where our skilful technicians work to time-honored traditions and with stringent quality control.
    Apollo Piano creates satisfaction through a proprietary total management system incorporating all aspects of piano production, from design through to delivery to the customer.
  • A harmony of high quality components.

    A harmony of high quality components.

    Pianos are precision instruments containing up to around 10,000 components.
    Creating the tones demanded starts with ensuring that each and every one of these components functions to the best of its ability.
    We understand how carefully selected, high-quality components work in harmony to move and delight the listener.