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An upright piano that is as close as possible to a grand piano.

[Expressive ability similar to a grand piano]

On normal upright pianos, when using the soft pedal, the volume is simply weakened by pushing out the hammer and shortening the distance from the hammer to the strings, but the Toyo SSS series is an upright piano. However, it is an upright piano that uses the same method as a grand piano, by sliding the hammer laterally to reduce the number of strings struck. Therefore, when using the soft pedal, the keys slide sideways, just like on a grand piano. This has achieved expressive ability similar to that of a grand piano (*1)

[Touch similar to grand piano (number of string strikes)]

While the maximum number of string strikes per second for a grand piano is approximately 13, the maximum number of string strikes for a normal upright piano is around 7 to 10 times per second due to structural limitations. For this reason, as your playing progresses, it has become difficult to fully enjoy playing techniques such as trills on regular upright pianos, but the Toyo SSS series has successfully solved this problem and is similar to a grand piano. Achieved a maximum number of string strikes of 13 times per second. (*2)

[More than 60 years since our founding, technology produced by more than 30 years of history since the birth of SSS]

After more than 30 years of making upright pianos, we have finally found the answer to the ideal upright piano: SSS. Since then, we have spent more than 30 years making various improvements to SSS, honing the number of consecutive hits and the richness of expressiveness, and we have reached the point where it is today. Please enjoy the expressive ability and touch of a grand piano to your heart's content.

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Our brand in Japan is APOLLO, but we change the brand name depending on the sales area and region. Please contact us for details.

External Finish
Black paint, high quality mirror gloss finish
Height: 126cm
Width: 153cm
Depth: 64cm
Weight: 240kg
German felt hammer
Equipped with SSS (slide soft system mechanism)
Full Agraph applied on specification (strung bearing method: full range Agraph method)
Keyboard fallboard safety landing mechanism
Brass double casters
Made in Japan
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