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An upright piano that is as close as possible to a grand piano.

[POINT1: Expressive ability and touch feeling as close as possible to that of a grand piano]

Unlike regular upright pianos, the Toyo A5WSSS has almost no change in touch feel whether the soft pedal is used or not. In addition, when using the soft pedal, the action and keyboard slide horizontally, similar to a grand piano, allowing you to express subtle changes in the strength of the tone. Furthermore, regarding continuous striking performance, we have achieved a maximum number of string strikes of 13 times per second, regardless of whether the soft pedal is used or not. This level is comparable to that of a grand piano, and when asked, ''Which is easier to play when playing fast songs?'', many players answered ''SSS Action.''

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[POINT2 High interior quality and practicality]

Toyo A5WSSS has reconsidered from the ground up the question, "What are you looking for in a piano for your home?" For example, we have eliminated items that are not necessary in a typical household, such as the toe block and casters, while maintaining a high level of interior design and thoroughly pursuing the ``functional beauty of a new piano.'' On the other hand, we have placed an emphasis on practicality for everyday practice, and have adopted a large music stand, which is unusual for a middle-sized piano.

[POINT3 Craftsmanship]

A5WSSS is assembled and finished by skilled technicians at our domestic headquarters factory.

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Our brand in Japan is APOLLO, but we change the brand name depending on the sales area and region. Please contact us for details.

External Finish
Antique walnut-like mirror gloss finish/Antique walnut-like matte finish
Height: 125cm
Width: 155cm
Depth: 64cm
Weight: 235kg
German felt hammer
Equipped with SSS (slide soft system mechanism)
Large music stand
Full Agraph formula
Fallboard; safety landing mechanism
*No casters
Made in Japan
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