CNR3A [Limited to 75 units]

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Cinamoroll Piano Heartful Flower

Heartful Flower CNR3A has a UV print of cinnamon surrounded by bright flowers on the upper front board of the piano. When the fallboard is closed, the design is reminiscent of a refreshing green classic striped wall. When the fallboard is open, you can enjoy playing while facing Cinnamon in the front. The heartful flower design on the included bench is also made using UV printing technology to make every detail clear, making it even more cute.

Harami-chan performed!
Pianist and Youtuber Harami-chan played this piano at the Sanrio Character Awards stage live held at Tokyo Big Sight on June 12, 2023!

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CNR3A [Limited to 75 units]
External Finish
Snow white glazed finish
Height 118cm
Frontage 150cm
Depth 61cm
Weight 230kg
88 keys (7 octaves 1/4)
3 pedals
JAPAN felt hammer
Brass casters
Fallboard safety landing
Made in Japan
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