KTY5B [Limited to 75 units]

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HELLO KITTY PIANO Scandinavian Flower

Scandinavian flower KTY5B has a soothing Hello Kitty pattern drawn in the popular Scandinavian design style, UV printed on the upper front board of the piano. The clear and bold patterns surrounding Hello Kitty are vivid and gorgeous. The included bench has a comfortable design with a clean grid pattern.

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Our brand in Japan is APOLLO, but we change the brand name depending on the sales area and region. Please contact us for details.

KTY5B [Limited to 75 units]
External Finish
Snow white glazed finish
Height 118cm
Frontage 150cm
Depth 61cm
Weight 230kg
88 keys (7 octaves 1/4)
3 pedals
Japan felt hammer
Brass casters
Fallboard safety landing
Made in Japan
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