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With its beautiful form and high-quality sound, this is a piano that I would recommend to anyone.

Grand piano becomes more familiar
We have put together our desire to provide the best possible sound at a reasonable price. The products are designed and designed at our head office, and assembled at our Shanghai factory under the supervision of our head office. Even though it is made in China, we guarantee quality that is comparable to domestic products.

Cute and excellent interior design
With its highly designed and delicate Chippendale decoration, this piano has a high interior design and is easy to match with modern rooms, as well as, leg design can be also available with straight legs.

Largeness enough to be used in a child's room
The depth of TOYO NA148 is approximately 148cm. This is more compact than a regular grand piano. It's a size that won't take up space in your room. Do you have a preconception that a grand piano requires a large space? You can use it without such worries.

Thank you for visiting Toyo Piano's brand website. Toyo pianos have been exported all over the world for several decades, inspiring and surprising customers around the world. If you would like to consider importing a Toyo piano, please feel free to contact us.

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Our brand in Japan is APOLLO, but we change the brand name depending on the sales area and region. Please contact us for details.

External Finish
Walnut polished finish
Height: 102cm
Width: 149cm
Depth: 148cm
Toyo special hammer
Low midrange a graph
Brass casters
Fallboard with safety landing
Made In China
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